LR_CarolynAlex_blog024I always had an inkling this day would feel reminiscent to a wedding we did back in may of last year, being that Carolyn is the cousin of our past bride, Thuy.  It’s a given that we couldn’t wait for the abundance of familiar faces we were going to see, and suffice to say, when we walked through the door that morning to meet carolyn and her family, it was sort of like coming home.  And yes, they fed me well and feasted like only asians know how, even packed me food to go!  Home indeed.

It was clear within two seconds of being in the same room as everyone (new and old to us), that Carolyn and Alex are surrounded by a great group of family and friends.  This was an all-hands-on-deck group of people, and seeing the love and support they had for Carolyn and Alex only added to the gratefulness we have to them for having chosen us to be amongst such a tight knit group, which included a beautifully blooming, 7 month pregnant Thuy.  This reminded us very early on, that if we are lucky enough, sometimes we get to witness more than our couple’s first day of married life together, but the life they get to build for themselves long after the wedding day is done and over with.

Carolyn and Alex’s ceremony was officiated by her brother at the Rialto, a beautiful theatre venue that could be only describe as grand.  And their wedding was just that, wonderfully grand, yet intimate, with a side of humour brought especially on by the story (and short reenactment) of how they met.  oh and, a shit load of fun. whoops, i said shit load.  but it really was fun, just see for yourself!



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