We first met Eva on a week-long journey while she was on maid-of-honour duty, in Dominican Republic where we photographed her best friend’s wedding.  By day two of this trip, it was clear Eva had been struck by the love bug.  If you’ve ever been in a relationship then you know just how intoxicatingly sweet and exciting the beginning stages can be, so leaving her beau behind just when things were starting up was hard for Eva, and it showed.  She spoke of her love interest with glistening eyes and a smile so contagious that even i was struck feeling happy for this girl whom i knew nothing about.
It had seemed that what was witnessed then had blossomed into something so much more.  And thus, on a sunny 17th of May, Eva and Sandro wed at a beautiful orthodox church surrounded by adoring friends and family.  You could tell just how important their guests were to them.  The couple along with their parents gathered to greet and converse with every single person who attended.  In this time, people rejoiced in what was hands down the most insanely delicious cocktail spread of any wedding we’d ever had!  I know this is quite a statement, but the Greeks and Italians know their food, and my mouth is watering just at the thought of it! This is yet another thing we have been so incredibly grateful for; in the five years that we’ve done this, every client to date has always ensured we were well fed.  Some even go as far as setting place cards for us, and some with favors even!  You would think we’d be used to it by now, but Bern and I (and our bellies) are thankful and feel privileged every time to be dining amongst their guests.

On the way home that night i recalled to bernie how three years ago we were there when Eva gleamingly exchanged her first few text messages with Sandro in Punta Cana, and how a few minutes ago we’d just left their wedding.  It’s kind of neat how we’ve come full circle with this couple, and we’re excited to see where life takes them.  You can scroll through the photos to see some of the highlights from their wedding.

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