Bernie and Molina

“The work we enjoy most is where we have free reign, Those weddings ultimately keep our love alive for what we do and are necessary to fuel our creativity.
Capturing the smiles, the laughter, the tears… the secret glimpses that last only for seconds… giving life to forever…”

Bernie and Molina love to eat, preferably together, and if they happen to be devouring delicious foods together while traveling, that’s when they are their happiest. The two started dipping their toes into wedding photography shortly after their own wedding in 2009, although Bernie had been doing photography a few years before. Having experienced first hand what it was like to be a bride and groom, they quickly realized how much they missed their wedding (wedding withdrawal you could say, since they handcrafted and designed all of their stationary themselves… ok no, it was definitely wedding withdrawal.). Their wedding was undoubtedly a big source of inspiration for them, and with the support from so many of their family and friends, they decided to jump at it together with both feet. So what only seemed like a hobby quickly took over their heart and mind, and they’ve been wanting to share this joy of love for photography with future brides and grooms ever since.