Ariane + Justin | Montreal, QC | April 18th 2015

“Everyone usually has typical things to say about their wedding photographers when asked to give an opinion. And to do justice to the true talent that Bernie and Molina have, we feel it necessary to speak as objectively as possible when commenting on the incredible job they did for our wedding. Both Ariane and myself come from art direction backgrounds in fashion & marketing, and it is with genuine honesty that we say Bernie & Molina elevated our wedding imagery beyond our highest expectations. Not only are they incredibly fun, caring, and respectful, they also bring a unique point of view to every event they photograph that has the perfect balance between classic and artistic. Awesomeness! Have to add that Molina is so dedicated to her work that she photographed us even though she was due to delivery Eleanor in 3 weeks 😉
 Justin & Ariane”


Kat + Thien | Montreal, QC | February 18th 2014

“No words can express how thankful we are to have these two as our wedding photographers! I think we have said it 1000 times but heck another time wouldn’t hurt! Thank you! Not only do they work professionally but behind the lens, Bernie and Molina are two down-to-earth people full of heart! My brother was the one who introduced me to them and I fell in love with their work. With the few weeks left I had with my mother I was able to share with her some of their work and to see the smile it brought in my mother’s face only convince me more to have them part of my wedding. I wanted them so bad that we booked them before choosing our venue! 🙂 Now looking at the results of our pictures, we are so happy to have work with them. Who knew that two awkward ducks like us could look so beautiful! They are truly two amazing photographers. My heart is full of happiness looking at these pictures which is good for the husband… Because happy wife, happy life! thank you for the 1002 time! Love Kath & Thien xox”

Lauren + Joel | Toronto, ON | August 28th 2014

“To our amazing photographers – we can’t thank you enough! You captured the emotions of this day perfectly and we will cherish these images for many many years to come. They are almost as beautiful as the wonderful people who took them!”






TL + Lloyd | Montreal, QC | August 21st 2012
“Bernie and Molina have an incredible talent that is reflected in their portfolio.  Beyond that, they are genuine, friendly, and respectful.  Their personalities and professionalism are what really made this a memorable experience for us.  Their knack for making people feel special was apparent from our very first meeting.  They took the time to get to know us, and connected with us way before our wedding day.  When the time came, we were comfortable in front of the camera and trusted them completely in the endeavor of capturing the most precious moments of our day.  Bernie’s creativity and camaraderie allowed him to catch photos as if he was a part of the party.  (Which, let’s be honest, he was!)  Molina’s personal style and keen eye for detail added a distinctly unique touch on everything.  They are the type of photographers who aren’t only after the Perfect Shot.  They went above and beyond to make sure it was the best experience for us. We loved our wedding photos, but are even more grateful for the pleasure of working (and becoming friends!) with this amazing couple.”


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