If TL looks familiar to you, it’s possibly due to her season-long appearance on MTV’s show America’s Best Dance Crew! When she’s not gracing the stage with her peers, TL is busy teaching and hosting dance workshops, both locally and across the Country.  Along the way, she met a sports therapist named Frederic: a black belt Brazilian Jujitsu champion, who runs Koom studio, and is someone you probably wouldn’t want to go head to head against!  Stripping all that away, behind  the many accomplishments, are two sweet and down-to-earth people, looking for nothing more than to do their share in helping make this world a better place through their passion.  Being such masters of their craft, their guest list was nothing short of like-minded talents, including Kristina Maria who performed their first dance song and did it beautifully.

Bern and i woke to our alarm (and by alarm i mean our daughter) that morning full of anticipation. What we came to find out, shortly in their presence, was that TL and Fred were every bit just as anxious as we were (is it weird that i found relief in this?) Their first look was exactly what they needed to shake some of those wedding jitters away.   They walked the aisle, and seamlessly exchanged their vows by heart without a glitch, just as they had hoped.  With a wedding room full of dancers, TL, Fred and their bridal party took centre stage and surprised everyone with a flash mob, ending the reception exactly how it started: with good friends and really really good music.

You can view some of our favourite photos from this hard working couple below.

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  • Boo Lee Yan - TakTakTak

    on November 4, 2015  9:37 am

    Amazing work once again, by the 2 greatest photographers in the world.

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