Emilie & Michel

We liked Emilie and Michel instantly for many reasons.  One being their complete and utter trust in us -they booked us on the spot upon our first meeting -I’d say that’s confirmation enough.  Secondly, they still went forward with having us as their photographers knowing we would only be available for a short 8 hours being that we had to fly back to Toronto the night of their wedding for an early flight out to the Dominicans the very next day for another wedding, but that didn’t stop them from booking us anyway.  It was the shortest, but sweetest wedding we’d shot up-to-date.  And lastly (this isn’t really the last point.  I really could go on some more about these two, but I’ll stop at here) they were Such a joy to shoot.  I’ll admit that Michel was a tad uncomfortable when placed front and center of the camera without his bride, but we soon realized she was the remedy and sure enough his nervousness went away whenever Emily was nearby, and then he got Real comfortable when she was in his arms.

To Emilie and Michel, thank you for a fun-filled day and for entrusting us with capturing your wedding.  Your family and friends have made us feel so welcomed.  We thought of you and the continuation of your wedding the whole way home, in midst of the craziness of unpacking and re-packing, wishing we were still there with you.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite moments from their wedding:


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  • Avianti Jewelry

    on September 11, 2012  1:59 pm

    Great photos! The detail is amazing and the bride is stunning!

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