Having known Ed for a little over a decade, I kinda always knew I’d get to bare witness to his nuptials one day.  I could not, however, have ever imagined being as privileged as to have front row seats, let alone backstage passes.  When Ed and Jackie asked us to be their photographers, we got together and chatted for close to three hours long, or short, if you look at it from an old friend’s perspective. For the first two hours, we talked about everything and anything.  Everything and anything except for the one thing we were supposed to discuss: their wedding.  Though we had never hung out with Jackie prior, it was pretty obvious after this night we’d have no problem getting along =).

And soon came their wedding day.  A day planned solely by the groom himself!  I can’t say I’m surprised by all the details; Ed was always on top of things and certainly did not miss a single beat when it came to planning his wedding.  And a damn good wedding he did plan!  There were many old and familiar faces, a sight that is always welcomed to us, and a special treat for bernie to be reunited with some old comrades. One person from Jackie’s entourage I feel deserves special mentioning is her father, he could barely contain himself when he saw her in her white dress.  He embraced her at every opportunity with the bestest of hugs a father could give a daughter, this made it really hard for me to shoot in focus, you try shooting with teary eyes!  Suffice to say, Jackie is very much loved by both her parents, and of course, by Edward.

The entire day was jam packed as anticipated, with Chinese games, where the men can expect to be asked to perform gruesome tasks in order to see the bride, tea offerings, the wedding ceremony, dinner reception and everything in between all took place on this one day!  What really topped it off for me were the major dance-offs throughout the night and their first dance.  I can’t help but smile when I come across these photos, mainly because I am just so happy for my friend.  Getting to capture first hand their connection just felt really special for so many reasons, and seeing the way these two look at each other is what let’s me know they’ll be juuuuuuust fine.

To Jackie and Ed, we hope you know just how honored we are that you have chosen us to take part in your wedding in such a big way.  My heart has nothing but good wishes for you.  I hope you glance at each other the way I’ve witnessed on your wedding for the rest of your lives.  With love, bern and mo.  xoxo.



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