A blog post since it’s valentine’s day.

We all know weddings are about joy, but sometimes, painfully so, a great deal of sadness sets in when we are left longing for those we love who are no longer here.  An undoubtedly emotional day for this dear bride of mine as she was living just that -celebrating the best day of her life while wishing the whole time that her mom was there.

On the morning of Katherine and Thien’s wedding, Bernie and i got to join Katherine in the home she and her sister grew up in, as the both of them lit incense alongside their father to remember their loving mother; an intimate moment that struck a chord with me and to which i feel blessed to have witnessed and will remember forever.  Just like Katherine, i too lost my mother, though my loss isn’t nearly as fresh as hers, i deeply sympathized with her and hope she knows i was right there with her in every sense of the word.  It is beautiful and comforting to see the love she found in Thien.  He is such a breath of fresh air that is always welcomed everywhere he goes and never ceases to lighten up a room with his unintentional comical ways, and was of no exception on his wedding day tenfold.  The ring on the wrong finger, his epic thank you speech where he started off by introducing himself by his name, and the very very, very very very long conquest to find the garter is just to name a few.  A truly sweet and memorable moment of the night was when Katherine and her older brother shared a dance with their grandparents.  Grandma and grandpa surely did not see that one coming, but i can tell you they enjoyed every minute of it as they could not stop smiling.  With the sorrow i know Katherine silently carried in her heart that day, i also know just how special that must have been for her.  Before all the craziness of the reception portion began, we really wanted to make sure we captured the little subtle moments of the day for these two to remember them by, and we hope we did just that.


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  • brandon wong

    on February 18, 2014  1:36 pm

    awesome shots!!!! love the crazyiness in the reception

  • Katherine My

    on February 18, 2014  7:18 pm

    No words can't express how thankful we are to have these two as our wedding photographers! I think we have said it 1000 times but heck another time wouldn't hurt! Thank you! Not only do they work professionally but behind the lens, Bernie and Molina are two down- to- earth people full of heart! My brother was the one who introduced me to them and I fell in love with their work. With the few weeks left I had with my mother I was able to share with her some of their work and to see the smile it brought in my mother's face only convince me more to have them part of my wedding. I wanted them so bad that we booked them before choosing our venue! :) Now looking at the results of our pictures, we are so happy to have work with them. Who knew that two awkward ducks like us could look so beautiful! They are truly two amazing photographers. My heart is full of happiness looking at these pictures which s good for the husband... Because happy wife, happy life! thank you for the 1002 time! Love Kath & Thien xox

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