This particular day was such a treat for Bernie and I as we both got to spend the entire afternoon with Lauren as she got ready in the same historical place where Joel’s parents tied the knot years ago. I’m so glad we got to spend so much time with Lauren. Her uplifting smile along with her calm and serene spirit really set the tone for the rest of the day as she attended with exceptional care to each of her tasks, taking her time and executing them with such grace that left us all dumbfounded for words with the end result.

The same tender loving care went into every single detail of this wedding of Lauren and Joel.  They planned interactive place cards: floating balloons that held a vintage key with guest names (including ours!), personally researched recipes for loved ones with heavy food restrictions, they even went as far as hand punched, in various sizes, 9 hundred million (my personal guesstimation) paper hearts that held the words from lauren’s favourite book Pride and Prejudice, which they sprinkled over every surface available; their love was literally Everywhere. DIY weddings like this one always hit such a soft spot for us because we know first hand the kind of work and dedication that goes into it.  It added another layer of story to who they are and they did it beautifully.

Their non-traditional wedding made for a memorable one when Joel walked Lauren down the aisle. This was both unexpected and at the same time, very them. It was a unique ceremony that led to a one of a kind themed Great Gastby reception, equipped with lavish cakes, feathers and top hats, and grand, very very grand speeches, one involving everyone reciting lines from Shakespears’ Romeo and Juliet, hand gestures and all. Again, something different, but at the same time, so very heartfelt and so very them.

Lauren and Joel are active advocates of justice and equity and are constantly searching for ways to help make the world a better place in any little or big way they can. We truly believe they have done so already just by being themselves: through their compassion and big hearts. But if you were to ask them, they would tell you that it isn’t enough.  This is why these two fill our hearts with such hope and love.

We can honestly tell you that we feel so special. Special that they chose us to play such a big part in their wedding, but most importantly, special that we got to meet such beautiful people, inside and out.


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  • hsini

    on August 26, 2013  4:39 pm

    Gorgeous usual!

  • Lauren

    on August 28, 2013  9:03 am

    To our amazing photographers - we can't thank you enough! You captured the emotions of this day perfectly and we will cherish these images for many many years to come. They are almost as beautiful as the wonderful people who took them!

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