A long, long time ago, two people met. these same two people overcame many obstacles because they were in love, the kind of love that was considered unconventional at the time and sadly still is ’til this day, depending where you are in the world.

Fast forward to the day of their wedding. The wedding that was as much about them as it was about the people who have supported and loved them for who they are. So in true Simon and Randy fashion, they threw a party. A really good one. One where drinks were being chugged non-stop and the dance floor was to never be left un-danced. They played the traditional shoe game -the funniest one I’ve witnessed so far, and the drag queen performance they hired was just something else.

Throughout the night, even with all the continuous fun and alcohol flowing through everyone’s veins, people never forgot why they were there; to celebrate Simon and Randy. The endearment that was sensed, and the love they radiated was something that just can’t be put into words.

Bernie and I feel our lives have been so enriched by this one experience alone. We live in a place where gay marriage is permitted here, but hope that one day everyone will get a chance to love freely. Because there is something so profoundly beautiful in belonging to someone, and having that someone, belong to you.

And now over 10 years later, our two grooms can look back and tell everyone of the story of how their lives began, including all the hardships that grip at the heart, and know that what was said back then still holds true now. This is true love.

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