When we got together with these two over yummy crepes to discuss their wedding plans, I just remembered thinking “gosh they’re good looking, something must be wrong with them.”  We’ve hung out with them on several occasions since and till this day, I’ve not yet found anything remotely wrong.  Instead what I found was two passionate people who pour their love onto everything they do, just as much as they do with each other.

When Justin and Ariane met a decade ago, they just knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together (cliche, but true.)  So much so, that Ariane approached us years and years before anything was ever set in stone.  Somewhere along the road to their happily ever after, life happened and their courtship stalled in a timeframe i like to call “the really long wait before the proposal.”  I remember Ariane telling me stories of how her and her girlfriends jokingly guessed when the proposal was due to happen, like that time Justin spontaneously took Ariane to New York on a whim, or when they snuck off to LA for a getaway, or even that time he swept her away to Paris!  but no… nothing.  no proposal.  At one point it even seemed like it was just never going to happen!  When the time did come for Justin to propose, he decided to bring her to all the places that meant something special to them, ending the night in Old Montreal, where he spoke words of love as he asked for Ariane’s hand in marriage with their theme song faintly playing in the background.  It was in overall simple and loving and from the heart, and i really enjoyed hearing about it.

Little tidbits about our couple, Ariane, fashion enthusiast and creator of Julius and Valentina and #forkfriends, is my go-to person for good eats and all things beauty and style related.  Justin is the humbling co-creator of Dom Rebel, an avant-guard, not-your-ordinary couture clothing line concentrated in justin’s favourite color: black and more black.  Put these two together and you get a pair of really, really, really well dressed people to go with their really good looks.

It comes as no surprise when their wedding day rolled around that they would put together something that would embody them perfectly – rustic-chic, laid-back glamour, sweet and fun.  But wait, their good taste doesn’t end with just fashion, they also have impeccable taste buds and know a thing or two, (or three!) about good food, and their wedding menu showcased just that!  i can still recall the vast array of delicious tacos from Grumman78, and who could forget the sweet table catered by our favourite shop Rustique.  If you’ve not been to Rustique, do yourself a favour and go, you’ll thank me!

Looking back now, what stood out was seeing everyone having a good drunken time, with the most awesome set of playlist of any wedding i’ve ever attended.  Every single song was curated by the bride herself because music is very special to her.  I think the look of pure contentment in ariane’s eyes at the end of the night said it all for me as she shared gentle glances with justin on the dance floor throughout the night… everyone she loved was dancing to the best soundtrack of her life, on the best day of her life.

Thank you Ariane and Justin for letting us share in your wedding day.  It was a true privilege.

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