We end the wedding post of 2012 with our last muses of the year, Quinn and Rob. We actually edited their photos throughout our trip in Asia (which we promise to blog in the new year!), and we couldn’t wait to deliver their photos to them. I know it sounds weird to say, but it was a really nice home coming for us. It gave us something to be excited about and look forward to upon our return (minus the jet lag), boy were we jet lagged!!

I’ll never forget the beautiful quality of closeness i felt between them and their family and friends. My favourite moment would have to be during the speeches. Everyone gave Such good speeches. You can tell they really spoke from their heart and took the time to eloquently sum up their relationship and love for Quinn and Rob -though many jokes were at Rob’s expense, I have to say, he really took it like a man! It really confirmed what i had been feeling all throughout the day; that they are simply fun and genuinely kind spirited people.

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