Prior to their engagement, upon discussing their hypothetical wedding, Rosie and JP always knew they wanted it to be a destination down south.  But the question always lingered… how can you make it work knowing not everyone will be able to attend?  So in true Rosie and JP form, they held three separate weddings – officially at church with immediate family honoring JP and his family’s religious beliefs,  through their Cambodian ceremony to pay homage to rosie’s cambodian roots, and finally, in Punta Cana for each other, where they exchanged their own vows.  This 3 part wedding plan put in action by Rosie and JP was their way to ensure the attendance of their nearest and dearest to at least one event, and allow them the opportunity to spend intimate quality time with everyone -something couples almost never get to do.

The wedding day in Punta Cana itself was a whirlwind of sun, laughter, an abundance of love, and happiness.  That is the shortest and best way I can sum it up.  (With clear blue water as a backdrop too.  Not too shabby if you ask me…). Needless to say, Rosie looked sublime and JP could not keep his eyes off his bride.

We’re so privileged to have been allowed to be a part of such glorious moments of pure beauty that was their wedding (all 3 of them).  We feel a strong bond with these two after having spent a beautiful week together.  So strong, in fact, that they have invited us to join them in Asia to which we shamelessly accepted to crash their honeymoon (though I’m sure they wouldn’t call it that).

Looking back on the photos now I’m reminded of the beautiful things I got to witness.  Such sincerity and so much of love.  Ro and J, we love you.  It’s as simple as that. See you on the first pit stop of our adventure together starting with Japan!

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